With Keys&Fly go on a trip without any worry :

about your trip budget

nor about maintenance of your villa while you are away

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An exceptional holiday

Our experts offer you exceptional holidays around the world in collaboration with our travel partner myluxurytravel specializing in tailor-made travel design.

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Without budget worry

A large part of the cost of your vacation is financed by the rental of your villa by us in your absence in a way that makes this operation completely imperceptible and secure.

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In total peace of mind

Keys & Fly is your unique interface to manage all aspects related to your departure on vacation: your trips and stays as well as the absence from your home by guaranteeing its regular and complete maintenance.

You don’t want to organize a trip with Keys & Fly?

No worries, your rental income* will be paid to you in full!

Maximize your income with

An exceptional service

The quality of the services we offer is our top priority and the essential condition for our success. When you return, find your house as if you had left it the day before.

Very good evaluations from your tenants will allow you to offer your property with additional gains of several tens of points. Our reception and maintenance staff are therefore chosen and paid for their very high level of professionalism.

Our Premium Services

Simple & safe we manage everything from A to Z :

Your trips and stays

An advisor at your service

Keys & Fly is your unique interface with a telephone number and a dedicated advisor.

Over 1000 destinations

Keys & Fly and its travel partner offer you a wide variety of luxurious and personalized stays around the world: discoveries off classic tourist trails, cruises, golf, adventures, etc.

Neither advance…

No financial advance** is required before your trip. The amount of our services, including that of your trip, will be debited to you only after you have received your rental income.

Neither premature engagement

Your travel reservation does not become firm until you accept the rental proposals for your villa.

The rental of your villa

Preparation for rental

Preparation of your property for rental and creation of a detailed user guide for your villa and its equipment.

Ad management

Taking photos of your house, developing and broadcasting your ads on several short-term rental internet platforms.

Support 7 days a week

Telephone support and intervention by a craftsman if there is a problem in your villa (equipment failure, water leak, etc.), and therefore a guarantee of serenity during your vacation.

Regular maintenance

Complete cleaning before the arrival of each tenant, washing and regular change of sheets and protection of your bedding.

The absence from your home

An impeccable villa upon your return

Complete indoor and outdoor cleaning. Management of your goods and equipment requiring frequent maintenance: swimming pool and spa, watering your plants and green spaces.

Possible options

For example, if you wish to leave your pets at your home we can ensure their well-being.

How to benefit from our services?

Evaluate your income

Register by clicking on the Register button. You will then be put in contact with one of our experts to estimate the potential rental income for your property, and discover the services suited to your villa.

Choose your destination

Express your preferences and desired destinations on the Registration page to allow our travel partner to design a tailor-made stay with you, treat yourself to the most luxurious hotels of the most beautiful destinations in the world, without financial advance**.

Leave with peace of mind

Travel with a light mind! Our team takes care of everything: from the rental of your villa to the organization of your vacation through cleaning and maintenance during your stay.

Concrete example

Julie and Damien plan to be away for 5 weeks to see their grandchildren and then realize their dream trip: to visit the ancient Thai capitals.

THEIR VILLA: 3 bedrooms, open view of the Nice countryside, Swimming pool and Spa in La Gaude.

TRAVEL PRICE:  € 5,100: Personalized tour 9 days / 8 nights for 2 pers.

RENTAL INCOME * VILLA: € 5,600: Income for 4 weeks of actual rental.

Trip price: 0 €
Amount received: 500 €

Without having to manage neither the tenants, nor the cleaning, nor the maintenance of its swimming pool and its spa, nor even the organization of its trip!

The price of the trip is subject to the terms and conditions indicated on the website of our travel partner (myluxurytravel.fr) in the BUDGET section relating to each of the trips offered.

* Your rental income corresponds to the income generated by us on the seasonal rental platforms less the price of our services as indicated in ourGeneral Conditions of Sale.

** Within the limit of the travel option funding ceiling defined in theGeneral Conditions of Sale

What do you want to do ?

Top inspirations

Discover a new way to profit from your home!

Discover the potential of your future vacation by requesting an assessment of your property:

  • an estimate of potential rental income (by reviewing equivalent properties in your region on the rental sites selected)

  • an assessment of the services required during your absence (pool maintenance, spa, green spaces, pets, etc.)

  • a presentation of our travel offers according to your preferences expressed in your customer area

  • an estimate of the overall cost, or gain, associated with your choice of services and travel.

Customer testimonials

Satisfied customers!

“I have a second home near Cannes that I rent on long term to complete my retirement incomes. Thanks to Keys & Fly my average rental income over the year is now more important because it is much bigger in the summer months. I can choose without constraint the periods where I and my family can stay in my villa. I have no more trouble recovering rents and no more worry knowing my villa perfectly and regularly maintained. In summary I recommend Keys&Fly to those looking for optimized rental income with 0 effort, 0 concern and 100% occupancy flexibility of their property.”

Gérard Rocher

Gérard Rocher

“I am always a little worried about leaving my villa for several weeks. Even though I have automatic watering there can always be an incident and my pool needs cleaning products every week. I was delighted to come across this site which really did a great job. We were able to visit our grandchildren and then enjoy a trip around the world, all for an incredibly low price. Congratulations to all and big kiss to Julie who was my advisor and that I was able to contact at any time to take news of my villa.”

Patrick Simon

Patrick Simon

“I retired a few years ago with obviously a significant drop in income and what we sacrificed first is the holidays. With this site I was able to access again truly top and tailor made trips for me and my wife. We visited Lapland and slept in igloos. Thanks to all the team for the quality of their work and for our cats who were well fed in our absence.”

Bernard Cotin

Bernard Cotin

I often travel abroad for work and have been thinking for a long time of trying to profit from it. A beautiful villa left unoccupied so frequently what a pity. However my few attempts to rent have proved fruitless for lack of time. I was convinced by the professional approach of Keys & Fly. They managed to increase the rates by almost 30%! I really recommend!”

Philippe Duliere

Philippe Duliere

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