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Who are we ?

Keys & Fly is a unique range of high-end concierge services on the French Riviera, including the financing of your exceptional holidays.

Keys & Fly allows owners of Riviera villas to finance their holidays all over the world by renting their residence in their absence, without stress or effort, thanks to an integrated premium concierge service which guarantees serenity and security, from the rental of the villa until its return in perfect condition.

Our agency

Our premium concierge agency

At the start of 2018, Guy Platel and Michel Altaburu, two friends who are passionate about travel and have long professional experience in the field of services and customer relations *, decide to pool their skills.

They thus embark on the niche of personal service with the initial goal of giving their retired clients purchasing power by integrating advice, financing and concierge services.

The evolving needs for high-end asset and travel management require skills that we strive to demonstrate on a daily basis. Responsiveness, availability and quality of services are the watchwords of our company.

* The seriousness of our professional career can be verified on LinkedIn.

Our goals

Allow you to improve your travel experience

In quality and duration

All funded by renting your residence in your absence in a secure and transparent manner for you.

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And notably in duration for our retiree customers
The transition to retirement induces a significant drop in income, often with an impact on the quality of leisure time, whereas retirees should on the contrary be able to take full advantage of their large, well-deserved free time. This is precisely the value that Keys&Fly is bringing by giving you back purchasing power!
Our commitments

Proximity, advice and personalized services

Chaise longue
Zero effort on your side

As we are taking care of everything from A to Z:

  • Preparation for rental
  • Ad management
  • Support in case of problem 7 days a week
  • Regular care and surveillance of your villa
A significant increase of your rental income
Thanks to a 5 stars quality of service:
  • The total satisfaction of our customers and tenants is our top priority and the critical condition to our success.
  • Very good evaluations from your tenants will allow you to propose your property with additional gains of several tens of points. Our staff is therefore chosen and paid for their very high level of professionalism.
Our values

Our reason for being as a corporate citizen

Foster openness to the world

For our customers and the travelers hosted by our customers.

Help the touristic and cultural environment throughout the French Riviera hinterland
Thanks to the seasonal accommodations that we are setting up widely distributed in the hinterland and to our local partnerships.

What if we said that holidays no longer rhymes with expenses ?

And now, You can Fly...